Cosmic spins: how high can you go?

Cosmic spins: how high can you go?

Do you miss exploring? Reaching new heights? Lucky you, CoinPoker was hit hard by the Cosmic Spins! These bad boys will kick you off to the space full of adventures, aliens and at least 2x the buy-in prize pools.  And that’s the least they can get you. So now, do you want to know how high you can really go? 

Cosmic spins can get you to the heights that are rarely possible in a poker game. And by that we mean prize pools up to 1,000 times your initial buy-in. Now that we’ve got you intrigued, let’s move on to the details.

The game is available in CoinPoker lobby. Once you open the Cosmic Spins tab, choose the buy-in, count of the tables and wait for two more players to do the same. When all of you are registered the Cosmic reel is ready to do the job! Watch it spin the prize pool and the game begins! 

Fan of Texas Holdem? Good, because we’ll start with this game and later on we’ll be adding other options such as Pot Limit Omaha.

We feel you might be curious about your chances with Cosmic Spins, so we’ve got this covered and broken down to numbers in CoinPoker Blog post here.

  • Multipliers 2-20 reward the winner only. Multipliers 50-1,000 reward 80% of the prize pool to the winner and 10% to places 2nd and 3rd each.
  • Operator reserves the right to adjust all the variables at it's on discretion.
  • 5% rake applies at all stakes.

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