Prove Our RNG Wrong for 1,000,000 CHP

Prove Our RNG Wrong for 1,000,000 CHP

In line with our vision of transparent online poker, we invite cryptography and poker experts alike to test our transparent card shuffling software. As a reward for any discrepancies found, finders will receive a 1,000,000 CHP Bug Bounty*.

Thanks to recent advances in decentralization technology, there is a way to disclose information about online card shuffling without compromising security. CoinPoker’s decentralized RNG makes this possible by sharing player impact on hands using the same cryptographic hash function used on the Ethereum network (KECCAK-256).

*Terms and conditions apply, in order to qualify as a recipient of the Bug Bounty, faults must be found within the parameters of the terms and conditions listed below.

  • The Bug Bounty is available to claim one time, and only once per commercial entity or private individual. The promotion is discontinued following the first valid submission, and can be continued or cancelled at the discretion of CoinPoker.
  • Discrepancies that qualify for the Bug Bounty include only the following:
    • Prove that players don't have equal possibility to participate in the card deck shuffling, with following rule:
      • a player sends correct hash and seed for each hand
    • Prove that player can not impact card deck shuffling with following rules:
      • for each hand, a player sends correct hash and seed
      • for each hand, a player sends unique seed
    • Prove that exists such a seed, which increases probability to win.
    • Decode initial deck's cards from card hashes at the beginning of the hand.
  • Upon receiving confirmation of winning the Bug Bounty, processing of funds will be handled within 72 hours, and will be credited to the winner’s CoinPoker account.